The Lesson I learned about Satan….


One of the women I will always look to as a role model is a woman named Cindy.  I sort of adopted her (and her family) when I first became a Christian as a major part of my spiritual family.  Granted, Cindy’s daughter was the one who invited me to church, and they were the ones I went to church with for quite a while, but regardless, I still adopted them, and at one time spent more time with them than with my own family.  I vividly remember a conversation I had with Cindy and her daughter one evening.  We were talking about Satan, and she said “Satan is the most beautiful thing you could ever see.  That is why he is so tempting. You wouldn’t follow someone who was red, had horns and a tail, and carried a pitchfork.”  Now that isn’t a verbatim quote, because this was several years ago,  but I had never heard it articulated that way.

And Cindy is absolutely right.  We have such a skewed view of Satan nowadays.  One of my facebook friends posted to facebook a couple of weeks ago: “If sinners go to hell to be punished by the devil then why isn’t the devil praised?
Also why would he even punish you if he was evil? Wouldn’t he be happy?
Checkmate [******].”  And that got me thinking of what Cindy had said, and to a class I took during my first semester of college.  Satan is not who we like to think he is.  We like to trivialize Satan, and make him into a cheesy caricature of what he really is.

This is what we often think of when people say “Satan.” A cheesy caricature of the Prince of Lies.

Now let’s be real… what threat does this guy pose?  Who would take him seriously?  Who would even seriously considered listening to the things this guy says and think, “Hm, this sounds like a good idea.  I think I’m going to do it.  What is the harm?”  Very few people.  You certainly wouldn’t, would you?

However, if Satan chose to wrap himself up in say… this wrapper:

ryan gosling

Or this one:

Jake Gyllenhaal

Or maybe even this:


Wouldn’t you at least pause to listen?  Now I’m not saying that Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Bennett or any of the other men who feature in the “Hey Girl….” internet memes are Satan in disguise.  These were just some of the more provocative and forward iterations that I found in my search.

Satan is beguiling.  He makes himself SEEM attractive.  Then, once you have done his bidding, he leaves you high and dry and kicking yourself because you’ve sinned again.  But, if you’ve accepted Christ into your life, or accept him for the first time, then He will pick you up, dust you off, dry your tears, and tell you that he forgives you.

And since we are talking about Satan and Jesus… another thing I’ve noticed is that people put them on a level playing field, like Satan ACTUALLY has a chance.  Let me tell you, he doesn’t.  He has already been defeated!  He was defeated on the Cross at Calvary, when Jesus took man’s sin on himself, and then rose again.  And Satan was never going to win.  From the beginning he was a lesser being.  Nothing and no one comes close to God’s power and glory.  Take a look at Job!  Satan tries to beat God and win Job for himself, and he has to ASK GOD for PERMISSION to torment him.  And when Satan takes away his children and his possessions, Job doesn’t turn away.  So Satan asks to do more, and God allows it, to prove his own glory and power.  And it doesn’t work.  Satan takes Job’s health, and still he does not turn from God.  Then, Satan uses Job’s wife and three friends to tempt him away, but Job stands firm.  God rewards Job, offers forgiveness to his three friends, and not only restores Job’s riches and power, but doubles it!  Satan made himself as tempting as he could.  He used Job’s friends to make it seem like cursing God and turning away from him would be a good thing!  But Job stands firm because he knows that God is almighty and powerful, and nothing is done without his permission.

Satan never had any real power.  He only has power over us if we give it to him.  But we don’t have to let Satan have power, and when he doesn’t have power, he can’t do a thing.  His fate is sealed.  He will not be lord over Hell and torture sinners for all eternity.  He will be right next to them, suffering with them. (Rev. 20:10,  20:15)

So to recap:

Satan is a master of disguise and lies.

Satan only has power he has been given.

Satan uses disguise, lies, and misdirection to get us to do his will (power).

God has the victory over evil.

Satan’s fate is sealed.

And that is the lesson I learned about Satan.

PS: This is my favorite of the “Hey Girl” Memes that I found:

Pride and Prejudiced!

PPS-  I’ve found a lot more Pride and Prejudice Hey Girl memes… They amuse me.

Image sources:–14/memes/hey-girl-all-i-want-for-christmas-is-you


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