The Lies that Society Tells Us

Here’s one geared to teenagers… because they don’t have enough body image issues.

It took me a while to decide where exactly to start with this, but I think this is probably the easiest place to start.  This will by no means be a complete list of lies that Society  (or the world, as the Bible often refers to it,) tells us.  And as I was coming up with that list, I came up with more and more things that Society tells us.  There may be another part to this later, but I haven’t decided.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

Lie #1: You don’t need religion

If you are reading this blog, you probably do not need me to refute this for you. (This is a blog for Christian ladies.  If you did not know that, you should now.  If you abhor the idea of Christianity or women, don’t leave me nasty comments.  I won’t allow them to be shown.  There is no need for that.  Just leave, and don’t read this blog again.  If you have no urge to leave nasty comments, please continue reading, and share this blog with people you think may be interested!)  I can personally attest that I need God.  I need the relationship found with him through the blood of Jesus Christ, and I can only have that relationship because I was washed in the blood (and water) for the remission of my sins.

And if we are all real with ourselves, we recognize that we need religion.  Some believe that they can find that in other religions, but I beg to differ.

Lie #2: You should not believe you are beautiful.

Ladies, don’t buy into those magazine titles that speak to the contrary.  I think it’s safe to say that nine times out of ten, they don’t actually say that you are beautiful.  They offer ways to make you look “more beautiful,” “sexy,” “hot,” “make x part of your body look so much better,” “dress for your body type,” and so on and so forth.

Because we really need “Goddess Hair”

If you really look at what those articles are saying, you should find that they telling you “You are not beautiful as you are, so you need to do X, Y, and Z in order to make yourself look more pretty.”

How can we compare to them? (that’s sarcasm)

In addition, just about every photograph of a woman shown has been edited.  You may have seen this video:

And this is not the only video of it’s kind.  It is so sad that women and young girls compare themselves to models who have been digitally altered to seem and say that they want to look like that.  And there may be some articles and publications that genuinely promote good self esteem and the idea that all women are beautiful, I haven’t found any of them.

Lie #3: You must use your body to get what you want.

Magazines are a huge perpetuator of that.  I’ve scattered some magazine covers throughout this post, and a lot of them include at least one article on how to snag a man, or get that promotion or whatever, and they all include the way you dress, and the way you talk and use body language, and usually they are the “feminine charm” type of things.  Don’t buy into that.  Yes, dress professionally and speak professionally during interviews or when interacting in a professional setting.  Do not wear revealing or suggestive clothing and act provocatively to get that “hot” guy to go out with you.  (If that’s what it takes to get a man, he’s probably not the right kind of man.)

Lie #4: You must always strive to have a bigger, better X, Y, or Z.

Be it a house that is huge and immaculate, a fancy new car, bigger breasts, new wardrobes, nicer furniture, fancy vacations, and any number of other material possessions.  Do you really need a huge house?  Do you need a brand new car every few years? Do you really need the seasons top trends?  What is wrong with your current home, your current car, or the clothes in your closet now?

Lie #5: You need to make more money.

Not necessarily true.  I’ve read blogs about people who live on less than $10,000 per year.  I’ve been told by numerous people not to become a teacher because I won’t make any money.  (In case you were wondering, national starting salary was an national average of $35,672, according to the NEA website. Another website shows median salaries of between $40,744 and $45,620 depending on the grade range and content area. Sources: <a href=”“>NEA</a> <a href=”“>Payscale</a>) And there are certainly some people who make minimum wage or a little better, and they need more money.  There is no shame in living paycheck to paycheck though.  And sometimes we have to give up things we want (smartphones… cable… exotic vacations…) in order to keep the things we need. (Transportation… water… electricity… food.)  A lot of people forget the resources they have though.  (I’ll probably talk about that later.  And there are a lot of blogs already talking about frugal living.)

“Astro Special” (Note: Astrology is not credible.)

Lie #6:  You don’t need morals.

Yes you do.  There are things that are right and wrong.  And if you follow the Bible, like I try to do, things like premarital sex, lying, swearing, abortion, are all things that society and Christianity tend to butt heads on.

Three words: Friendship. With. Benefits.

Ethics are important in the professional world, and if you follow Christian ethics, it seems to follow that you will be successful in all other areas of your life.  Following Christian ethics should lead to a respectable, honest, trustworthy, humble and gracious person.  (It doesn’t always work that way, but no one is perfect.)

Now, these are just 6 lies that Society tells.  There are many, many more.  And notice that some of these magazines do have articles about good things.  But also notice that they are usually not in the largest font on the page, and there’s rarely more than one or two per magazine.  Whether you buy these magazines or not, that is up to you.  But I suggest laying off them for a while.   See what it does to your self esteem and your focus.  Do you think as much about what you look like, or how to make yourself look better?  Do you feel as bad about your body or intelligence or your self perceived worth?

Just think about it.

What are your thoughts?

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