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Let’s talk about Confidence

When I went to Church Camp (NOCYC to be specific), we would sing a song in the girls’ village, especially at our nightly devos.  I think it’s called “I’ve Got Confidence.” It’s the first line of the song.  You may have heard it.  And it was fun, and we loved singing it, but I’ve noticed that confidence is something that is seriously lacking in women today.  They think they are too dumb, too ugly, not clever, not talented, no good for anything.  They feel unloved and moreover, they feel unlovable.  And to tell you the truth, I have struggled with it too.  And a lot of it has to do with media and with society.


Yes, the time has come for me to get on my soap box about media, society, and women’s self concept.

And here is why we have the issues with confidence that we have.  We are looking to the wrong places for affirmation, acceptance, attention and support in the wrong places.  We are looking for compliments for the wrong reasons.  And Satan knows that!  And destroying self-image is his specialty.  He is so good at it, that you might not even realize he is at work.  He uses media, other people, even our own thoughts to make us doubt in our abilities

It’s a cycle that we have to (and can) break.  Will it be easy? No, probably not.  Is it necessary? Absolutely.

We need to place our confidence in the Lord, ladies.  He had, has, and will always have our back.  He has, does, and will always love us unconditionally and over abundantly.  He knows we are beautiful, and if we have put on Christ, he calls us his Princesses.

There is no need to think that we can’t do something because we aren’t “enough.”  God has a calling for each of us, and if we are going to do that we need to let go of our insecurities and become confident in the Lord and know that his grace and strength is sufficient.


Consider this an introduction.  This is a really big issue and I can’t cover all I want to cover in one post.  (And I wouldn’t want to read a wall of text like that.)  Look for the first part of my discussion on confidence on Tuesday! (If I don’t get it up then, it WILL be up Friday!)

I’ve got confidence (oh yeah)

My Lord is gonna see me through

No matter what the case may be,

My lord is gonna fix it for me.

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